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Periodic Fluctuations of Flow and Porosity in Spouted Beds

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The results of experimental investigations of bed flow hydrodynamics in spouted beds are compared with CFD simulations (Eulerian–Eulerian approach) for two different column geometries. The experimental results of bed porosity and fluctuation frequency of mass flow rate of grain in the fountain region are compared with the corresponding results of simulations. The simulation results confirmed the observations of Muir et al. (1990, Chem. Eng. Comm. 88: 153–171) and Yang and Keairns (1978, AlchE Symp. Ser. No. 176 74: 218) that fluctuations of bed flow in DTSB are caused by particle cluster formation in the loading region at the bottom of column. The solids cross into the jet and cover the column inlet and are carried upward periodically through a draft tube. Subsequent figures obtained from simulations, which show stages of particle cluster formation at the entrance of column, exactly match visual observations. The frequency of fluctuations of grain mass flow rate predicted in simulations (~5–6 Hz) is in the range of that experimentally determined. The fluctuating inflow of solids results in slug formation and explains the vertical variations of height and porosity of the fountain.


Porosity fluctuations Spouted beds CFD Computational fluid dynamics Drying 



Drag coefficient


Particle diameter (m)


Gravity acceleration (m/s2)


Initial height of bed (m)


Identity tensor

Kip, Kis, Kps, Ksp

Interphase exchange coefficients (kg/m3 s)


Phase exchange term (kg/m3 s)


Pressure (Pa)


Solids pressure (Pa)


Reynolds number


Time (s)


Velocity (m/s)

Greek letters



Bulk viscosity (Pa s)


Total fluid viscosity (Pa s)


Physical density (kg/m3)


Shear viscosity (Pa s)


Stress tensor (Pa)


Volume fraction




Different phases


Fluid phase


Between fluid and solid phase


Granular phase


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