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Destabilising A Fluid Saturated Gravity Modulated Porous Layer Heated From Above


The linear stability theory is used to investigate analytically the possibility of the motionless basic state in a porous layer heated from above and subjected to vibration. The linear stability results presented for the specific case of low amplitude vibration shows that there exists a bandwidth of frequencies for which the convection in a porous layer with a stable density gradient can be destabilized. In addition the scaled Darcy–Prandtl number is shown to influence the onset of the subharmonic and synchronous solutions.

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Govender, S. Destabilising A Fluid Saturated Gravity Modulated Porous Layer Heated From Above. Transp Porous Med 59, 215–225 (2005).

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  • gravity modulation
  • porous media
  • free convection
  • stability
  • Darcy–Prandtl number