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An efficient protocol for micropropagation of old cypress of Abarkuh (Cupressus sempervirens var. horizontalis [Mill.]) under in vitro condition


An efficient protocol was developed to propagate old cypress of Abarkuh under in vitro condition. The explants from upper part of secondary shoots were successfully proliferated in the woody plant medium (WPM) supplemented with 30 g l−1 sucrose, 7.5 g l−1 agar, 0.5 mg l−1 benzyladenine (BA) and 0.01 mg l−1 indolebutyric acid (IBA). The in vitro raised micro shoots were then elongated by culturing in the WPM supplemented with 0.1 mg l−1 BA. Root induction was successfully conducted by pulse treatment (30 s) in high concentration of IBA (5 g l−1) and subsequent culturing in the WPM supplemented with 2 mg l−1 kinetin (Kin) and 0.01 mg l−1 IBA.

Key message

An effective procedure was developed for successful in vitro micropropagation and plantlet regeneration of the cypress of Abarkuh, which is one of the oldest cypresses in the world with about 4000 years old. There were significant differences among basal media, BA concentrations as well as explant types on the proliferation of cypress of Abarkuh. The in vitro raised plantlets were successfully rooted and acclimated to the outdoor conditions. Tissue culture techniques can play an important role in multiplication as well as conservation of this valuable plant.

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Funding was provided by Ardakan University.

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Correspondence to Abdolkarim Zarei.

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Communicated by Maurizio Lambardi.

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