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Retraction note to: Expression of a rice chitinase gene enhances antifungal response in transgenic litchi (cv. Bedana)

Retraction Note

Retraction note to: Plant Cell Tiss Organ Cult (2012) 109:315–325 DOI  10.1007/s11240-011-0097-2

This article has been retracted. The retraction was undertaken at the request of Dr. Das, the corresponding author of this paper, as it was found that this paper included duplicated information already published in Current Trends in Biotechnology and Pharmacy 4 (2010), 820–833, by the same corresponding author, and data that did not correspond to the species studied in this publication.

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  1. 1.Post Graduate Department of BiotechnologyT. M. Bhagalpur UniversityBhagalpurIndia

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