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Physiological effects of a novel aromatic cytokinin analogue in micropropagated Aloe arborescens and Harpagophytum procumbens

  • Stephen O. Amoo
  • Adeyemi O. Aremu
  • Mack Moyo
  • Lucie Szüčová
  • Karel Doležal
  • Johannes Van Staden
Original Paper


Globally, there is a continuous effort geared toward improving micropropagation protocols with much emphasis on the type of cytokinins (CKs). We investigated the effect of meta-topolin tetrahydropyran-2-yl [mTTHP—a novel derivative of the aromatic cytokinin meta-topolin (mT)] on shoot proliferation, photosynthetic pigment content, phytochemicals and antioxidant activity of two widely used medicinal plants, Aloe arborescens and Harpagophytum procumbens. In terms of shoot proliferation, besides mTTHP and mT (at equimolar level) showing comparable effects, both topolins were significantly better than the control and benzyladenine riboside (BAR) in micropropagated A. arborescens. In H. procumbens, mT-treated cultures were the most responsive treatment at 2.5 μM when compared to the control. At 5.0 μM concentration, mTTHP and meta-topolin riboside (mTR) demonstrated a comparable effect on shoot proliferation. To a certain extent (particularly at low concentrations), mTTHP had a better rooting stimulatory effect when compared to the other CKs in both investigated species. In micropropagated A. arborescens, 2.5 μM mTTHP showed the best antioxidant activity (ferric reducing power) which was significantly higher than the control and all BAR-treated plants. Although 2.5 μM mTTHP exhibited a significant antioxidant activity (in β-carotene based assay) when compared to mTR at equimolar level in H. procumbens, it was not significantly different from the treatment with 2.5 μM mT and the control. As evidenced in the current study, the efficacy of the novel cytokinin may be species-specific and beneficial for few physiological parameters. It is conceivable that mTTHP is another viable alternative topolin with the extra advantage of inducing rooting at a low concentration.


Antioxidant Chlorophyll Medicinal plants Secondary metabolites Topolins 



Analysis of variance




Benzyladenine riboside


Butylated hydroxytoluene


Catechin equivalents




Cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase


2,2-Diphenyl-1-picryl hydrazyl


Dry weight


Gallic acid equivalents


Harpagoside equivalents


Indole butyric acid


meta-Methoxytopolin 9-tetrahydropyran-2-yl or 6-(3-methoxybenzylamino-9-tetrahydropyran-2ylpurine


Murashige and Skoog




meta-Topolin riboside


meta-Topolin tetrahydropyran-2-yl or 6-(3-hydroxybenzylamino)-9-tetrahydropyran-2ylpurine


Plant growth regulator


Plant growth regulators


Plant tissue culture





The Claude Leon Foundation (SOA and AOA) and University of KwaZulu-Natal (MM), South Africa are thanked for the award of postdoctoral fellowships. This work was also supported by the Czech Ministry of Education Youth and Sports (Grant Number OP RD&I ED0007/01/01 Centre of the Region Haná for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research) and by the Operational Program Education for Competitiveness—European Social Fund (project CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0165). Financial support from the NRF/China Collaborative Programme is greatly appreciated.


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  • Stephen O. Amoo
    • 1
  • Adeyemi O. Aremu
    • 1
  • Mack Moyo
    • 1
  • Lucie Szüčová
    • 2
    • 3
  • Karel Doležal
    • 2
    • 3
  • Johannes Van Staden
    • 1
  1. 1.Research Centre for Plant Growth and Development, School of Life SciencesUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal, PietermaritzburgScottsvilleSouth Africa
  2. 2.Laboratory of Growth RegulatorsPalackỳ University and Institute of Experimental Botany AS CROlomoucCzech Republic
  3. 3.Centre of the Region Haná for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research, Faculty of SciencePalackỳ UniversityOlomoucCzech Republic

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