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Characterization of a new dehydration responsive element binding factor in central arctic cowberry


The C-repeat binding factor/dehydration responsive element binding factor 1 (CBF/DREB1) is a critical regulator of the development of tolerance to abiotic stress in plants. Here we report the cloning of the homologous gene, VviDREB1, from a central arctic plant, the cowberry Vaccinium vitis-idaea L., using rapid amplification of cDNA ends and genome walking techniques. The cDNA and genomic DNA are 887 and 3790 bp long, respectively. Alignment and phylogenetic tree analysis suggested that VviDREB1 should be classified into the A-1 group of the DREB subfamily. The 1522-bp-long promoter contains putative cis-acting elements and transcription factor binding motifs, including elements predicted to respond to phytohormones, abiotic stress, and light. The deduced amino acid sequence of the VviDREB1 cDNA contains a predicted DNA-binding domain with a three-stranded anti-parallel β-sheet and an α-helix, similar to that of the Arabidopsis thaliana ethylene-responsive-element-binding factor AtERF1, suggesting that VviDREB1 might bind to the dehydration responsive and ethylene responsive element. The expression of VviDREB1 was mainly localized to the nuclei of onion epidermal cells. Importantly, VviDREB1 expression in the cowberry was up-regulated by cold, high-salt, and abscisic acid treatment. Our findings may provide a novel basis for further studies of the acclimation and tolerance of cowberry to abiotic stresses.

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Abscisic acid


APETALA2/ethylene-responsive-element-binding factor


C-repeat binding factor/dehydration responsive element binding factor 1


Cycle threshold


DNA-binding domain


Inducer of CBF expression


Open reading frame


Rapid amplification of cDNA ends


Transcription start site


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We thank Professor Quan-hong Yao, Biotechnology Research Institute of Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences for his kind provision of the vector Pyk2784-EGFP.

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