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Application of bioreactor systems for large scale production of horticultural and medicinal plants


Automation of micropropagation via organogenesis or somatic embryogenesis in a bioreactor has been advanced as a possible way of reducing costs. Micropropagation by conventional techniques is typically a labour-intensive means of clonal propagation. The paper describes lower cost and less labour-intensive clonal propagation through the use of modified air-lift, bubble column, bioreactors (a balloon-type bubble bioreactor), together with temporary immersion systems for the propagation of shoots, bud-clusters and somatic embryos. Propagation of Anoectochilus, apple, Chrysanthemum, garlic, ginseng, grape, Lilium, Phalaenopsis and potato is described. In this chapter, features of bioreactors and bioreactor process design specifically for automated mass propagation of several plant crops are described, and recent research aimed at maximizing automation of the bioreactor production process is highlighted.


Anoectochilus apple automated masspropagation Chrysanthemum dissolved oxygen garlic ginseng grape Lilium micropropagation mixing nutrients pH Phalaenopsis potato secondary metabolites siberian ginseng somatic embryogenesis 



balloon type bubble bioreactor


dissolved oxygen


induced embryogenic determined cells


protocorm-like body


photosynthetic photon flux


stirred tank reactor


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