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Micrografting of ASBVd-infected Avocado (Persea americana) plants

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Shoot tips (meristem plus 2–3 leaf primordia) from in vitro-germinated avocado seedlings of 2 ASBVd-infected cultivars were micrografted in vitro onto decapitated seedlings from 2 ASBVd-free cultivars, and plants were recovered. Shoot tips consisted of two different sizes, i.e., <0.5 mm long and >0.5 mm but <1 mm long. The recovered plants were indexed for ASBVd using RT-PCR. More plants (58.8%) were recovered from scions >0.5 mm than from those that were <0.5 mm (10.3%). RT-PCR demonstrated that ASBVd replicated in all micrografts from infected sources irrespective of the scion size, while no ASBVd was detected in micrografts from plants that tested negative. ASBVd therefore cannot be eliminated by in vitro micrografting.

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