Highlights from the 2018 European Society of Cardiology Congress in Munich, Germany

  • Dylan L. SteenEmail author

After another exciting conference, this article highlights some of the many studies presented. We encourage readers to explore the broader content of the ESC presentations for other interesting studies.

Aspirin evaluation in the ASCEND trial

The ASCEND (A Study of Cardiovascular Events in Diabetes) trial studied the efficacy and safety of enteric-coated low-dose aspirin in a primary prevention population of diabetics [1]. This randomized, blinded trial sought to provide an assessment of the balance of benefits and risks associated with aspirin on top of modern diabetic treatment (e.g. statin therapy). Key eligibility criteria were: (1) diagnosis of diabetes mellitus (any type) without known cardiovascular disease; (2) equipoise regarding whether antiplatelet therapy would offer benefit; and (3) absence of any clear indication or contraindication to aspirin. The primary efficacy endpoint was death from any vascular cause (excluding intracranial hemorrhage), nonfatal myocardial...


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