Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis

, Volume 35, Issue 2, pp 271–278

Percutaneous coronary intervention in patients with haemophilia presenting with acute coronary syndrome: an interventional dilemma: case series, review of the literature, and tips for management

  • Paul Fefer
  • Sharon Gannot
  • Aaron Lubetsky
  • Uri Martinowitz
  • Shlomi Matetzky
  • Victor Guetta
  • Amit Segev


Since the introduction of clotting factor concentrates over 50 years ago the life expectancy of patients with hemophilia (PWH) has increased to over 70 years. Consequently, diseases of the ageing population, including coronary artery disease, are increasingly being encountered. These patients present a unique therapeutic problem due to their greatly increased bleeding risk. Randomized controlled studies specific to PWH are lacking, emphasizing the need for case series. We present three cases of acute coronary syndrome in PWH who underwent urgent percutaneous coronary intervention at our institution, and summarize the available literature on the topic. We describe their management and outcome and provide points to consider when treating these complex patients.


Haemophilia Acute coronary syndrome Percutaneous coronary angioplasty Coagulation factors Anticoagulation Anti-platelets 


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  • Sharon Gannot
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  • Aaron Lubetsky
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  • Uri Martinowitz
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  • Shlomi Matetzky
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