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Collaborative handshaking approaches between internet of computing and internet of things towards a smart world: a review from 2009–2017

  • Le Hoang SonEmail author
  • Sudan Jha
  • Raghvendra Kumar
  • Jyotir Moy Chatterjee
  • Manju Khari


Internet of things (IoT) has been a noteworthy zone of research for empowering interconnection and joining the physical world through the Internet. At the beginning, it was used for single things but later advancements in different computing devices resulted in a new terminology called the internet of computing (IoC). In this paper, we review the latest progresses on IoT with IoC from a class review of published articles from 2009 to 2017. The review is classified alongside with (1) identification of users who are already in existence, (2) devices connected via various communication modes, (3) deterministic communication in IoT. The reviewed approaches are named as empirical, computing, innovative application and implementation approaches. The review shows that data stored in the cloud need to be mapped with geographic information system in order to fit with IoT and IoC. For IoT versus traditional communication approaches, it is found that reliable connection is one of the most emerging issues nowadays. It has been concluded that for the social consensus, IoC and IoT cooperating together are truly beneficial for upcoming years rather than just devices equipped with many sensor technologies. We hope to draw attention to this new topic with trends in the forthcoming era.


Internet of computing Internet of things Sensors Networking Internet Security 


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