Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

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Bogoliubov equations and functional mechanics

  • I. V. VolovichEmail author


The functional classical mechanics based on the probability approach, where a particle is described not by a trajectory in the phase space but by a probability distribution, was recently proposed for solving the irreversibility problem, i.e., the problem of matching the time reversibility of microscopic dynamics equations and the irreversibility of macrosystem dynamics. In the framework of functional mechanics, we derive Bogoliubov-Boltzmann-type equations for finitely many particles. We show that a closed equation for a one-particle distribution function can be rigorously derived in functional mechanics without any additional assumptions required in the Bogoliubov method. We consider the possibility of using diffusion processes and the Fokker-Planck-Kolmogorov equation to describe isolated particles.


Boltzmann equation Bogoliubov equation kinetic theory 


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