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Projection, Introjection, and Projective Identification: A Reformulation


In this essay, the author recommends a reformulation of the psychoanalytic concept of pojection. The author proposes that projective processes are not merely defensive maneuvers that interfere with perception, but rather an essential means by which human perception is rendered possible. It is the manner in which human beings test and-evaluate reality in terms of their experiential structure, and their needs for survival and nourishment. Projection is the early phase of introjection.

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Correspondence to Joseph M. Malancharuvil.

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Malancharuvil, J.M. Projection, Introjection, and Projective Identification: A Reformulation. Am J Psychoanal 64, 375–382 (2004). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11231-004-4325-y

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  • projection
  • introjection
  • projective identification
  • unconscious phantasy
  • experiential structure