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A new species of Anuretes Heller, 1865 (Copepoda: Caligidae) from the yellowbanded sweetlips Plectorhinchus lineatus (Haemulidae) off New Caledonia

  • B. A. Venmathi Maran
  • Susumu Ohtsuka
  • Geoffrey A. BoxshallEmail author


A new species of caligid copepod, Anuretes justinei n. sp., is described from off New Caledonia. It is parasitic on the gill filaments of a haemulid fish, the yellowbanded sweetlips Plectorhinchus lineatus (Linnaeus). The new species is distinguished from its congeners by the combination of the following character states: (1) the fourth pedigerous somite is covered dorsally by the expanded free posterior margin of the cephalothorax; (2) a maxillary whip is present; (3) the relatively small genital complex is less than half the length of the cephalothorax; (4) leg 3 is armed with nine setae on the terminal exopodal segment and six setae on the terminal endopodal segment; and (5) leg 4 is long and slender with a setal armature of I, III twisted spines. The new species is an addition to the possibly monophyletic group of seven species that is characterised by the possession of a maxillary whip, all of which are found on haemulid hosts. The host-specificity of Anuretes is relatively high, its species being largely parasitic on reef-associated fishes, such as the families Haemulidae (eight species), Ephippidae (four species), Acanthuridae (four species) and Pomacanthidae (one species).


Plumose Seta Endopodal Segment Exopodal Segment Genital Complex Paratype Female 
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The first author is grateful to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) for providing the scholarship supporting this study. This study was partly supported by a grant-in-aid from the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Sciences awarded to SO (No.14560151).


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Authors and Affiliations

  • B. A. Venmathi Maran
    • 1
  • Susumu Ohtsuka
    • 1
  • Geoffrey A. Boxshall
    • 2
    Email author
  1. 1.Takehara Marine Science Station, Setouchi Field Science Center, Graduate School of Biosphere ScienceHiroshima UniversityTakeharaJapan
  2. 2.Department of ZoologyNatural History MuseumLondonUK

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