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Haack’s foundherentism is a foundationalism

  • Peter Tramel
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Susan Haack has always maintained that her unquestionably important foundherentist theory of epistemic justification is not a foundationalism. In a 1997 Synthese exchange, Laurence BonJour questioned her right to this claim, and she dug in and defended it. What was at stake is of timeless importance to epistemology: it goes directly to the question, “What is foundationalism?” I inquire with greater care than either Haack or BonJour took in 1997, and I find decisively in favor of the view that foundherentism is a foundationalism. In the process, I explore the outer limits of foundationalism: I examine just how far a foundationalism can go in allowing the relevance of coherence to epistemic justification.


Haack, Susan BonJour, Laurence Foundationalism Foundherentism Coherentism Epistemic justification 


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  1. 1.Department of English & PhilosophyUnited States Military AcademyWest PointUSA

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