Query optimization in cloud environments: challenges, taxonomy, and techniques

  • Abderrazak SebaaEmail author
  • Abdelkamel Tari


Improving query performance remains one of the most interesting and challenging goals for both the academic and industrial communities. Indeed, cloud computing has complicated the traditional process of query optimization since many new challenges must be considered. Great efforts have been made to address this problem in the context of cloud computing. The present article aims to provide a complete view of query optimization in cloud computing. It provides a systematic survey on query processing in cloud environment through three main phases. It first identifies the specific cloud challenges facing query processing techniques. Then, it reviews and classifies the current query optimization techniques based on a proposed taxonomy. Finally, it compares and discusses the surveyed techniques based on the specific challenges related to the cloud environment. This paper provides readers with some recommendations which must be considered in future work.


Query optimization Query processing Cloud computing Index Views 


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