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DSLM: a decentralized search for large and mobile networks

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As ubiquitous networked devices continue to play an increased role in the daily lives of most people, there is a growing desire to share ever more information and perspectives from across the world. In addition, with the recent technical advancements, the networks have turned to a large-scale wireless networks such as mobile ad hoc networks. However, the problem behind such wireless networks is the difficulty of data distribution and information retrieval in such decentralized and large mobile wireless networks, while still maintaining low overhead. Therefore, we present a system we call decentralized search for large and mobile wireless networks, or DSLM, which: (1) divides the entire network into smaller regions; (2) allows nodes to join, leave, distribute metadata, or make requests; (3) applies the LSH method to map the metadata or request to a geographical region; (4) uses a region-based geographic routing method to route messages between nodes; (5) allows nodes to maintain only a partial view of the network; and (6) applies a relocation method to address mobility issues. We finally demonstrate that our DSLM requires low overhead and could still achieve high retrieval rates and mobility resilience.

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This research is supported by MOST 104-2410-H-194-090-MY2 and MOST 106-2410-H-194-027-MY2 of Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan.

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  • Distributed search and retrieval
  • Mobile ad hoc networks
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