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A GPU-based genetic algorithm for the p-median problem


The p-median problem is a well-known NP-hard problem. Many heuristics have been proposed in the literature for this problem. In this paper, we exploit a GPGPU parallel computing platform to present a new genetic algorithm implemented in CUDA and based on a pseudo-Boolean formulation of the p-median problem. We have tested the effectiveness of our algorithm using a Tesla K40 (2880 CUDA cores) on 290 different benchmark instances obtained from OR-Library, discrete location problems benchmark library, and benchmarks introduced in recent publications. The algorithm succeeded in finding optimal solutions for all instances except for two OR-library instances, namely pmed 30 and pmed 40, where better than 99.9% approximations were obtained.

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  1. 1.

    We shall use distance and cost interchangeably.


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  • P-median problem
  • NP-hard
  • CUDA
  • Pseudo-Boolean formulation
  • Genetic algorithms
  • Heuristics