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A parallel local search in CPU/GPU for scheduling independent tasks on large heterogeneous computing systems

  • Santiago Iturriaga
  • Sergio Nesmachnow
  • Francisco Luna
  • Enrique Alba


This article presents the parallel implementation on CPU/GPU of two variants of a stochastic local search method to efficiently solve the scheduling problem in heterogeneous computing systems. Both methods are based on a set of simple operators to keep the computational complexity as low as possible, thus allowing large instances of the scheduling problem to be efficiently addressed. The experimental analysis demonstrates that both versions of the parallel CPU/GPU stochastic local search are able to compute accurate suboptimal schedules in significantly shorter execution times than state-of-the-art schedulers, while also outperforming a recently published GPU parallel evolutionary scheduler in terms of both efficiency and solution quality.


Heterogeneous computing Scheduling GPU computing 



The work of S. Iturriaga and S. Nesmachnow has been partially supported by ANII and PEDECIBA, Uruguay. The work of F. Luna and E. Alba has been partially funded by FEDER (TIN2011-28194). The experiments were carried out using the HPC facility of the University of Luxembourg.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Santiago Iturriaga
    • 1
  • Sergio Nesmachnow
    • 1
  • Francisco Luna
    • 2
  • Enrique Alba
    • 3
  1. 1.Universidad de la RepúblicaMontevideoUruguay
  2. 2.Universidad de ExtremaduraMéridaSpain
  3. 3.Universidad de MálagaMálagaSpain

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