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A Real-Time Performance Evaluation Model for Distributed Software with Reliability Constrains

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In this paper, we propose an approach for the real-time performance analysis of distributed software with reliability constraints, called Athena. The approach is based on the real-time and reliability performance analysis of distributed program. In Athena, two important factors, imperfect nodes and the links reliability, are introduced. The algorithms proposed in Athena generates sub-graphs, counts the reliability of each sub-graph, calculates the transmission time for all the transmission paths of each data file, and computes response time of each data file with reliability constraint. In this way, the real-time performance of distributed software with reliability constrains can be evaluated.

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Correspondence to Hai Jin.

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This paper is supported by National Science Foundation of China under grant 60273076.

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  • distributed software
  • reliability
  • real-time
  • performance evaluation