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On Pretabular Logics in NExtK4 (Part I)

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This paper partly answers the question “what a frame may be exactly like when it characterizes a pretabular logic in NExtK4”. We prove the pretabularity crieria for the logics of finite depth in NExtK4. In order to find out the criteria, we create two useful concepts—“pointwise reduction” and “invariance under pointwise reductions”, which will remain important in dealing with the case of infinite depth.

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Du, S., Kang, H. On Pretabular Logics in NExtK4 (Part I). Stud Logica 102, 499–523 (2014). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11225-013-9485-4

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  • Pretabular logics
  • Finite depth
  • Pointwise reductions
  • Criteria