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Topological Proofs of Some Rasiowa-Sikorski Lemmas


We give topological proofs of Görnemann’s adaptation to Heyting algebras of the Rasiowa-Sikorski Lemma for Boolean algebras; and of the Rauszer-Sabalski generalisation of it to distributive lattices. The arguments use the Priestley topology on the set of prime filters, and the Baire category theorem.

This is preceded by a discussion of criteria for compactness of various spaces of subsets of a lattice, including spaces of filters, prime filters etc.

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  • Rasiowa-Sikorski Lemma
  • Baire category theorem
  • Priestley topology
  • compact
  • dense
  • lattice
  • distributive
  • Heyting algebra
  • prime filter
  • join
  • meet