Structural Chemistry

, Volume 26, Issue 5–6, pp 1377–1387 | Cite as

Structural characterization of dinuclear gold(I) diphosphine complexes with anion-triggered luminescence

  • Péter Baranyai
  • Gábor Marsi
  • Andrea Hamza
  • Csaba Jobbágy
  • Andrea Deák
Original Research


Dinuclear and mononuclear gold(I) complexes containing the xantphos ligand (xantphos = 9,9′-dimethyl-4,5-bis(diphenylphosphino)-xanthene), [Au2(xantphos)2](X)2 with X = BF4 (1), PF6 (2) and SbF6 (3 and 4) and Au(xantphos)(SCN) (5), were characterized by X-ray structural analysis. Two type of colourless crystals (3 and 4) crystallized together from the same solution of [Au2(xantphos)2](SbF6)2. The [Au2(xantphos)2]2+ cations have almost the same molecular structure with two xantphos ligands coordinated to two gold(I) centres with short aurophilic interaction of 2.803 (1), 2.825 (2), 2.817 (3) and 2.837 Å (4), respectively. The [Au2(xantphos)2]2+ cation is in a somewhat distorted figure-eight conformation in 13, whereas in 4, it has and ideal figure-eight conformation with a twofold axis passing through the Au···Au bond. The molecular packing is primarily governed by C–H···F hydrogen bonding interactions between the [Au2(xantphos)2]2+ cations and fluorinated BF4 , PF6 and SbF6 anions. In 5, the gold(I) centre is in a trigonal-planar geometry, and it is coordinated to two phosphorous atom of the xantphos ligand and one sulphur atom of the SCN anion. Different anions cause some conformational changes and alter the molecular packing of these crystalline structures. These variations in the solid-state structures alter the luminescent properties of the dinuclear and mononuclear gold(I) xantphos complexes. Dinuclear complexes 1, 2 and 4 exhibit intense yellow luminescence, while compound 3 and mononuclear 5 produces green emission when irradiated with a 365-nm UV lamp at room temperature.


Aurophilicity Gold Solid-state photoluminescence DFT calculation 



The authors gratefully acknowledge the support by MTA (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) through the Lendület Programme (LP2012-21/2012).

Supplementary material

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Authors and Affiliations

  • Péter Baranyai
    • 1
  • Gábor Marsi
    • 1
  • Andrea Hamza
    • 2
  • Csaba Jobbágy
    • 1
  • Andrea Deák
    • 1
  1. 1.MTA TTK SZKI, “Lendület” Supramolecular Chemistry Research GroupHungarian Academy of SciencesBudapestHungary
  2. 2.MTA TTK SZKI, Theoretical Chemistry Research GroupHungarian Academy of SciencesBudapestHungary

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