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Fully and partially exohydrogenated Si80 fullerene cage: a DFT study

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We have performed a density functional study to investigate electronic and magnetic properties of fully and partially exohydrogenation in the Si80 fullerene cage based on NMR parameters, nucleus-independent chemical shift (NICS) indices and natural population analysis. Hydrogenation of 20 silicons inside and 60 silicons outside results in two distinct values for the 29Si σ iso, and also for 29Si Δσ. NICS yields negative value of −1.5 ppm at the cage center of the fully exohydrogenated fullerene, Si80H80. However, NICS yields positive value of 1.5 ppm at the cage center of the partially exohydrogenated fullerene, H20@Si80H60, then becomes more negative along the axis toward the center of pentagon until reaching −3.0 ppm at the ring center (and −4.3 at the point 1 Å away from the ring center outside), suggesting that in this case pentagons can be considered as aromatic fragments. H20@Si80H60 cage is composed of negatively charged hydrogen atoms and positively charged silicon atoms, indicating electron transfer from silicon atoms on the surfaces of the cage to the chemically bonded hydrogen atoms. A decreasing trend is observed for 1H σ iso values as the natural charges of hydrogen sites in these fullerenes increase while no regular trend is observed for the chemical shielding anisotropy Δσ of hydrogen atoms.

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We are grateful to Prof. Seik Weng Ng for providing us the G98W software and hardware (machine time) facilities. Technical support of the chemistry center at shahid Beheshti university is greatly acknowledged.

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Correspondence to Maryam Anafcheh.

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Ghafouri, R., Anafcheh, M. & Zahedi, M. Fully and partially exohydrogenated Si80 fullerene cage: a DFT study. Struct Chem 25, 575–581 (2014).

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