Structural Chemistry

, Volume 23, Issue 3, pp 645–652 | Cite as

New organic–inorganic hybrid structure based on paradodecatungstate clusters and imidazolium cations

  • Sana ChaaliaEmail author
  • Jean-Claude Daran
  • Amor Haddad
Original Research


An organic–inorganic hybrid material based on paradodecatungstate anions and imidazolium cations, Na2(HIm)8(H2W12O42)·10H2O (HIm: imidazolium), has been synthesized under mildly acidic conditions. This compound was characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction, IR and UV–visible spectroscopies, and thermogravimetric and differential thermal analyses. The compound crystallizes in the triclinic P-1 space group with a = 11.6945(8) Å, b = 12.4782(6) Å, c = 14.0952(9) Å, α = 106.041(3)°, β = 109.338(2)°, γ = 100.249(3)°, V = 1781.0(3) Å3, and Z = 2. The crystal structure exhibits an infinite 1D inorganic structure built from [H2W12O42]10− clusters and sodium cations; adjacent chains are further joined up by hydrogen-bonding interactions between protonated imidazole cations, water molecules, and polyoxoanions, to form a 3D supramolecular architecture.


Organic–inorganic hybrid Polyoxometalate Paradodecatungstate Imidazole 



This study was supported by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Tunisia.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Laboratoire des Matériaux et Cristallochimie (LMC)Institut Supérieur des Sciences Appliquées et TechnologieMahdiaTunisia
  2. 2.Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination (LCC)CNRS-Université de ToulouseToulouseFrance

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