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Life assessment for a gas turbine blade under creep conditions based on continuum fracture mechanics

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Based on the semi-analytic finite element method and relationships of the continuum fracture mechanics, a numerical investigation on the creep and extension of the continuum fracture zone in a gas turbine blade is performed. The value of life prior to the formation of a crack-like defect and applicability limits of the relationships of continuum fracture mechanics are determined.

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Translated from Problemy Prochnosti, No. 4, pp. 87–93, July–August, 2006.

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Bazhenov, V.A., Gulyar, A.I., Piskunov, S.O. et al. Life assessment for a gas turbine blade under creep conditions based on continuum fracture mechanics. Strength Mater 38, 392–397 (2006).

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  • creep
  • continuum fracture mechanics
  • numerical simulation
  • finite element method
  • spatial problem
  • gas turbine blade