Studies in Philosophy and Education

, Volume 23, Issue 5–6, pp 393–408

The educational theorists, the teachers, and their history of education



The following contribution expands the current discussion on the status and function of the history of education at the methodological, or epistemological, level by introducing the perspective of a history of educational knowledge. This opens up a theoretical option for educational historiography that avoids the identification of history of education with history of a discipline, or the institutionalized knowledge of education and teaching. As a consequence, some history of education topoi – as the history of a discipline – can be called into question and practiced historically rather than educationally or morally.


History of education History of ideas History of knowledge History of science Teacher education 


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  1. 1.Allgemeine Päagogik Pädagogisches InstitutUniversität ZürichSchweiz

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