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Titan as Revealed by the Cassini Radar

  • R. M. C. Lopes
  • S. D. Wall
  • C. Elachi
  • S. P. D. Birch
  • P. Corlies
  • A. Coustenis
  • A. G. Hayes
  • J. D. Hofgartner
  • M. A. Janssen
  • R. L. Kirk
  • A. LeGall
  • R. D. Lorenz
  • J. I. Lunine
  • M. J. Malaska
  • M. Mastroguiseppe
  • G. Mitri
  • C. D. Neish
  • C. Notarnicola
  • F. Paganelli
  • P. Paillou
  • V. Poggiali
  • J. Radebaugh
  • S. Rodriguez
  • A. Schoenfeld
  • J. M. Soderblom
  • A. Solomonidou
  • E. R. Stofan
  • B. W. Stiles
  • F. Tosi
  • E. P. Turtle
  • R. D. West
  • C. A. Wood
  • H. A. Zebker
  • J. W. Barnes
  • D. Casarano
  • P. Encrenaz
  • T. Farr
  • C. Grima
  • D. Hemingway
  • O. Karatekin
  • A. Lucas
  • K. L. Mitchell
  • G. Ori
  • R. Orosei
  • P. Ries
  • D. Riccio
  • L. A. Soderblom
  • Z. Zhang


Titan was a mostly unknown world prior to the Cassini spacecraft’s arrival in July 2004. We review the major scientific advances made by Cassini’s Titan Radar Mapper (RADAR) during 13 years of Cassini’s exploration of Saturn and its moons. RADAR measurements revealed Titan’s surface geology, observed lakes and seas of mostly liquid methane in the polar regions, measured the depth of several lakes and seas, detected temporal changes on its surface, and provided key evidence that Titan contains an interior ocean. As a result of the Cassini mission, Titan has gone from an uncharted world to one that exhibits a variety of Earth-like geologic processes and surface-atmosphere interactions. Titan has also joined the ranks of “ocean worlds” along with Enceladus and Europa, which are prime targets for astrobiological research.


Titan Cassini Radar 



We thank Robert M. Nelson and an anonymous reviewer for excellent and detailed reviews that greatly improved the manuscript, and Phil Callahan for an informal review and helpful suggestions for improvement. Part of this work was carried out at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of technology, under contract with NASA. Copyright 2018, California Institute of Technology. Government sponsorship is acknowledged.


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