Space Science Reviews

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Past, Present and Future of Active Radio Frequency Experiments in Space

  • A. V. StreltsovEmail author
  • J.-J. Berthelier
  • A. A. Chernyshov
  • V. L. Frolov
  • F. Honary
  • M. J. Kosch
  • R. P. McCoy
  • E. V. Mishin
  • M. T. Rietveld


Active ionospheric experiments using high-power, high-frequency transmitters, “heaters”, to study plasma processes in the ionosphere and magnetosphere continue to provide new insights into understanding plasma and geophysical proceses. This review describes the heating facilities, past and present, and discusses scientific results from these facilities and associated space missions. Phenomena that have been observed with these facilities are reviewed along with theoretical explanations that have been proposed or are commonly accepted. Gaps or uncertainties in understanding of heating-initiated phenomena are discussed together with proposed science questions to be addressed in the future. Suggestions for improvements and additions to existing facilities are presented including important satellite missions which are necessary to answer the outstanding questions in this field.


Active experiments Ionospheric heating HAARP SURA Arecibo ULF wave Ionospheric feedback instability VLF waves Ionospheric irregularities Plasma instabilities Wave-particle interactions Artificial aurora EISCAT Ionosphere DEMETER Ionospheric resonator 



anomalous absorption


acoustic gravity wave


auroral kilometric radiation


artificial periodic irregularity


artificially stimulated emissions

BF layer

the region of scattering from the bottom side F region


broad upshifted maximum


broad upshifted structure


broad symmetrical structure


Canadian Advanced Digital Ionosonde


cosmic noise absorption


descending layer


downshifted maximum


Defense Meteorological Satellite Program


downshifted peak


Demonstration and Science Experiments satellite


descending virtual height


diagnostic wave


European Incoherent SCATter Scientific Association


electromagnetic ion cyclotron wave


effective radiated power


field-aligned current


field-aligned irregularity


High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program


HIgh Power Auroral Stimulation observatory


Ion Acoustic Parametric Decay instability


ionospheric Alfvén resonator


intermediate downshifted maximum


ionosphere disturbed volume


ionospheric feedback instability


Ionospheric Research Instrument


incoherent scatter radar


lower hybrid


large-scale irregularity


Langmuir turbulence


modulational instability


modular UHF ionospheric radar (at HAARP)


medium-scale irregularity


magnetic zenith


narrow continuum


naturally enhanced ion acoustic line


over-the-horizon radar


oscillating two-stream instability


parametric decay instability


Poker Flat incoherent scatter radar


plasma line


polar mesospheric summer echoes


polar mesospheric winter echoes


ponderomotive parametric instability


pump wave


quasi-periodic oscillation


subauroral polarization stream


subauroral ion drift


stimulated electromagnetic emission


strong Langmuir turbulence


striction self-action


small-scale irregularity


supra-small-scale irregularities


super strong (Langmuir) turbulence


total electron content


travelling ionospheric disturbance


thermal parametric instability


thermal self-focusing instability


upper hybrid


upper hybrid resonance


upshifted wideband emission


VLF and Particle Mapper satellite


wide-altitude extent ion line enhancements


weak turbulence



We acknowledge fruitful discussion of active experiments and heating facilities with H.C. Carlson, M. Cohen, M. Golkowski, S. Grach, M.M. Mogilevsky, E. Nossa, K.D. Papadopoulos, T. Pedersen, B. Watkins.

This work was made possible by the ISSI funding of the international scince team “Past, Present and Future of Active Experiments in Space” and supported in part through CNES grant DEMETER 2874949; US National Academy of Sciences; Air Force Office of Scientific Research; Russian Education Ministry project 3.1844.2017.


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