Space Science Reviews

, Volume 202, Issue 1–4, pp 235–277 | Cite as

Perspectives on Gamma-Ray Burst Physics and Cosmology with Next Generation Facilities

  • Weimin YuanEmail author
  • Lorenzo Amati
  • John K. Cannizzo
  • Bertrand Cordier
  • Neil Gehrels
  • Giancarlo Ghirlanda
  • Diego Götz
  • Nicolas Produit
  • Yulei Qiu
  • Jianchao Sun
  • Nial R. Tanvir
  • Jianyan Wei
  • Chen Zhang


High-redshift Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) beyond redshift \({\sim}6\) are potentially powerful tools to probe the distant early Universe. Their detections in large numbers and at truly high redshifts call for the next generation of high-energy wide-field instruments with unprecedented sensitivity at least one order of magnitude higher than the ones currently in orbit. On the other hand, follow-up observations of the afterglows of high-redshift GRBs and identification of their host galaxies, which would be difficult for the currently operating telescopes, require new, extremely large facilities of at multi-wavelengths. This chapter describes future experiments that are expected to advance this exciting field, both being currently built and being proposed. The legacy of Swift will be continued by SVOM, which is equipped with a set of space-based multi-wavelength instruments as well as and a ground segment including a wide angle camera and two follow-up telescopes. The established Lobster-eye X-ray focusing optics provides a promising technology for the detection of faint GRBs at very large distances, based on which the THESEUS, Einstein Probe and other mission concepts have been proposed. Follow-up observations and exploration of the reionization era will be enabled by large facilities such as SKA in the radio, the 30 m class telescopes in the optical/near-IR, and the space-borne WFIRST and JWST in the optical/near-IR/mid-IR. In addition, the X-ray and \(\gamma\)-ray polarization experiment POLAR is also introduced.


Gamma-ray bursts High-redshift Gamma-ray X-ray Instrumentation 



The authors are grateful to the International Space Science Institute of Beijing (ISSI-Beijing), its executive director Prof. M. Falanga and all the staff for hosting and funding the workshop “Gamma-Ray Bursts: a tool to Explore the Young Universe” held in Beijing from April 10 to 15 2015. W. Yuan and C. Zhang thank R. Willingale, J.P. Osborne and P. O’Brien for their contribution to the EP project and acknowledge support of the “Strategic Priority Research Program on Space Science” (Grant number No. XDA04061100) and “Gravitational Wave Universe Research” (No. XDB23000000) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. B. Cordier and D. Götz acknowledge financial support of the UnivEarthS Labex program at Sorbonne Paris Cité (ANR-10-LABX-0023 and ANR-11-IDEX-0005-02). Sun acknowledges support from the 973 program 2014CB845802 and NSFC 11503028.


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