Space Science Reviews

, Volume 210, Issue 1–4, pp 397–426 | Cite as

Prospects of Solar Magnetometry—From Ground and in Space

  • Lucia Kleint
  • Achim GandorferEmail author


In this review we present an overview of observing facilities for solar research, which are planned or will come to operation in near future. We concentrate on facilities, which harbor specific potential for solar magnetometry. We describe the challenges and science goals of future magnetic measurements, the status of magnetic field measurements at different major solar observatories, and provide an outlook on possible upgrades of future instrumentation.


Sun: magnetic fields Instrumentation: high angular resolution Instrumentation: polarimeters Space vehicles: instruments Telescopes Sun: helioseismology Sun: photosphere 



We thank the experts of the telescopes and instruments for their advice and information, in particular, Wenda Cao, Gianna Cauzzi, Manolo Collados, Jaime de la Cruz Rodriguez, Alex Feller, Bernard Gelly, S.S. Hasan, Bruce Lites, Chang Liu, Arturo Lopez Ariste, Zhong Liu, Valentin Martinez Pillet, Rolf Schlichenmaier, Alexandra Tritschler, Michiel van Noort, and Haimin Wang.


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