Space Science Reviews

, Volume 197, Issue 1–4, pp 47–83 | Cite as

Cometary Isotopic Measurements

  • Dominique Bockelée-Morvan
  • Ursina Calmonte
  • Steven Charnley
  • Jean Duprat
  • Cécile Engrand
  • Adeline Gicquel
  • Myrtha Hässig
  • Emmanuël Jehin
  • Hideyo Kawakita
  • Bernard Marty
  • Stefanie Milam
  • Andrew Morse
  • Philippe Rousselot
  • Simon Sheridan
  • Eva Wirström


Isotopic ratios in comets provide keys for the understanding of the origin of cometary material, and the physical and chemical conditions in the early Solar Nebula. We review here measurements acquired on the D/H, 14N/15N, 16O/18O, 12C/13C, and 32S/34S ratios in cometary grains and gases, and discuss their cosmogonic implications. The review includes analyses of potential cometary material available in collections on Earth, recent measurements achieved with the Herschel Space Observatory, large optical telescopes, and Rosetta, as well as recent results obtained from models of chemical-dynamical deuterium fractionation in the early solar nebula. Prospects for future measurements are presented.


Comets Isotopes 



This work was supported by NASA’s Planetary Astronomy and Planetary Atmospheres Programs (SNM and SBC), and by the Swedish Space Board (ESW).


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