Space Science Reviews

, Volume 178, Issue 2–4, pp 665–693 | Cite as

Methods for Characterising Microphysical Processes in Plasmas

  • T. Dudok de WitEmail author
  • O. Alexandrova
  • I. Furno
  • L. Sorriso-Valvo
  • G. Zimbardo


Advanced spectral and statistical data analysis techniques have greatly contributed to shaping our understanding of microphysical processes in plasmas. We review some of the main techniques that allow for characterising fluctuation phenomena in geospace and in laboratory plasma observations. Special emphasis is given to the commonalities between different disciplines, which have witnessed the development of similar tools, often with differing terminologies. The review is phrased in terms of few important concepts: self-similarity, deviation from self-similarity (i.e. intermittency and coherent structures), wave-turbulence, and anomalous transport.


Plasma turbulence Plasma fluctuations Data analysis methods 



We all thank the International Space Science Institute (ISSI, Bern) for hospitality. In preparing this review we made extensive use of NASA’s Astrophysics Data System.


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