Space Science Reviews

, Volume 173, Issue 1–4, pp 557–622 | Cite as

Turbulence, Magnetic Reconnection in Turbulent Fluids and Energetic Particle Acceleration

  • A. Lazarian
  • L. Vlahos
  • G. Kowal
  • H. Yan
  • A. Beresnyak
  • E. M. de Gouveia Dal Pino


Turbulence is ubiquitous in astrophysics. It radically changes many astrophysical phenomena, in particular, the propagation and acceleration of cosmic rays. We present the modern understanding of compressible magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) turbulence, in particular its decomposition into Alfvén, slow and fast modes, discuss the density structure of turbulent subsonic and supersonic media, as well as other relevant regimes of astrophysical turbulence. All this information is essential for understanding the energetic particle acceleration that we discuss further in the review. For instance, we show how fast and slow modes accelerate energetic particles through the second order Fermi acceleration, while density fluctuations generate magnetic fields in pre-shock regions enabling the first order Fermi acceleration of high energy cosmic rays. Very importantly, however, the first order Fermi cosmic ray acceleration is also possible in sites of magnetic reconnection. In the presence of turbulence this reconnection gets fast and we present numerical evidence supporting the predictions of the Lazarian and Vishniac (Astrophys. J. 517:700–718, 1999) model of fast reconnection. The efficiency of this process suggests that magnetic reconnection can release substantial amounts of energy in short periods of time. As the particle tracing numerical simulations show that the particles can be efficiently accelerated during the reconnection, we argue that the process of magnetic reconnection may be much more important for particle acceleration than it is currently accepted. In particular, we discuss the acceleration arising from reconnection as a possible origin of the anomalous cosmic rays measured by Voyagers as well as the origin cosmic ray excess in the direction of Heliotail.


Turbulence Magnetic reconnection Acceleration Cosmic rays 



A. Lazarian’s research is supported by the NASA Grant NNX09AH78G, as well as the support of the NSF Center for Magnetic Self-Organization. The Humboldt Award at the Universities of Cologne and Bochum, as well as Vilas Associate Award and the hospitality of the International Institute of Physics (Brazil) are acknowledged. G. Kowal’s research is supported by FAPESP (Brazil) grant No. 2009/50053-8. E. de Gouveia Dal Pino also acknowledges partial supported from FAPESP (Brazil: grant No. 2006/50654-3) and from CNPq (Brazil; grant No. 300083/94-7). We thank the anonymous referee for comments and suggestions that improved the paper. HY acknowledges the Visiting Professorship from IIP.


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