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The IMPACT Solar Wind Electron Analyzer (SWEA): Reconstruction of the SWEA Transmission Function by Numerical Simulation and Data Analysis


The IMPACT SWEA instruments on board the twin STEREO spacecraft detect the solar wind electrons with energies between 1 and 2000 eV. The instruments provide 3-dimensional velocity distributions, pitch angle distributions and solar wind properties at two vantage points in the ecliptic at 1 AU. A few days after launch suppression of the low energy solar wind electrons was detected, which makes data analysis challenging and causes a significant loss of information below 50 eV. This paper describes the methods used to both understand the nature of the problem and to recover the most information about the low energy solar wind electrons from the measured datasets. These include numerical simulations, in-flight calibration results, and data reconstruction methods that allow the calculation of solar wind parameter proxies with minor limitations.


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Fedorov, A., Opitz, A., Sauvaud, J. et al. The IMPACT Solar Wind Electron Analyzer (SWEA): Reconstruction of the SWEA Transmission Function by Numerical Simulation and Data Analysis. Space Sci Rev 161, 49–62 (2011).

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  • Solar wind
  • Space instrumentation