Space Science Reviews

, Volume 172, Issue 1–4, pp 303–314 | Cite as

Kinetic Models for Whistler Wave Scattering of Electrons in the Solar Corona and Wind

  • Christian Vocks


Kinetic models are necessary to describe the physical processes associated with non-Maxwellian velocity distribution functions (VDFs) of electrons or ions in the solar corona and wind. It is shown that pitch-angle scattering of electrons in the solar wind needs to be considered in kinetic solar wind models. Coulomb collisions are not efficient enough to provide this scattering, but resonant interaction with whistler waves is. A solar wind model for undisturbed fast wind is presented, and the influence of scattering on flare electron propagation is investigated. Furthermore, it is found that resonant interaction of electrons with whistler waves is capable of producing suprathermal tails of electron distributions even under quiet conditions without flare activity.


Solar corona Solar wind Kinetic theory Wave-particle interaction Electron acceleration Quasi-linear theory 


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