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, Volume 172, Issue 1–4, pp 57–68 | Cite as

SUMER Observations of Coronal-Hole Temperatures

  • Klaus Wilhelm


Observations of emission lines in the vacuum-ultraviolet spectral range with calibrated instrumentation provide crucial information on the prevailing plasma temperatures in the solar atmosphere. Coronal-hole temperatures measured by the SUMER spectrometer on SOHO will be presented in this contribution. Electron temperatures can be estimated from the formation temperatures of the observed emission lines. Line-ratio and emission-measure analyses, however, offer higher accuracies. Typical electron temperatures at altitudes of H<200 Mm in coronal holes are below 1 MK in bright structures—the coronal plumes—with higher values in darker areas—the inter-plume regions. Line-width measurements yield effective ion temperatures, which are much higher than the electron temperatures. Observations of line profiles emitted from species with different masses allow a separation of the effective temperatures into ion temperatures and unresolved non-thermal motions along the line of sight.


Solar vacuum-ultraviolet observations Coronal-hole temperatures 


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  1. 1.Max-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung (MPS)Katlenburg-LindauGermany

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