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, Volume 127, Issue 1–4, pp 195–326 | Cite as

Solar Radio Bursts with Drifting Stripes in Emission and Absorption

  • G. P. Chernov


This review covers fairly comprehensively experimental and theoretical research on the fine structure of types zebra pattern (ZP) and fiber bursts (FB) in solar type II + IV radio bursts. The basic attention is given to the latest experimental data. A comparative analysis of several recent solar type IV radio outbursts with these fine structure in dynamical radio spectra is carried out using available ground-based and satellite data (Yohkoh, SOHO, TRACE, RHESSI). New data on microwave zebra structures and fiber bursts testifies that they are analogous to similar structures observed at meter wavelengths. The discovery of the superfine structure, in the form of millisecond spikes is the most significant new effect in the cm range. All basic theoretical models of the zebra pattern and fiber bursts are discussed critically. Two main models are studied for their interpretation: (i) interactions between electrostatic plasma waves and whistlers, (ii) radio emission at double plasma resonance (DPR). The relative significance of several possible mechanisms remains uncertain.


solar flare radio emission zebra pattern 


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