Space Science Reviews

, Volume 127, Issue 1–4, pp 327–465 | Cite as

Interstellar-Terrestrial Relations: Variable Cosmic Environments, The Dynamic Heliosphere, and Their Imprints on Terrestrial Archives and Climate

  • K. SchererEmail author
  • H. Fichtner
  • T. Borrmann
  • J. Beer
  • L. Desorgher
  • E. Flükiger
  • H.-J. Fahr
  • S. E. S. Ferreira
  • U. W. Langner
  • M. S. Potgieter
  • B. Heber
  • J. Masarik
  • N. Shaviv
  • J. Veizer


In recent years the variability of the cosmic ray flux has become one of the main issues interpreting cosmogenic elements and especially their connection with climate. In this review, an interdisciplinary team of scientists brings together our knowledge of the evolution and modulation of the cosmic ray flux from its origin in the Milky Way, during its propagation through the heliosphere, up to its interaction with the Earth’s magnetosphere, resulting, finally, in the production of cosmogenic isotopes in the Earth’ atmosphere. The interpretation of the cosmogenic isotopes and the cosmic ray – cloud connection are also intensively discussed. Finally, we discuss some open questions.


Interstellar-terrestrial relations variable cosmic ray fluxes dynamical heliosphere cosmogenic isotopes climate 


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