Space Science Reviews

, Volume 125, Issue 1–4, pp 371–379

Recent Space Data

Introductory Paper


This paper summarises the workshop session on recent space data. Most presentations addressed the intense solar storm in October–November 2003. Large perturbations of atmospheric trace gas concentrations, notably NO2 and HNO3, were found over extended areas around the magnetic poles in the mesosphere and stratosphere, extending over many weeks in the stratosphere. The impact on total ozone seems to be very limited although some more subtle investigations are still to be done. Several new space instruments with many innovative data products have been introduced. Very good coverage in vertically resolved observations of many chemical species is reached for stratospheric chemistry and dynamics research. Data have already been used to improve stratospheric models. Data continuity is an issue. However, the greatest concern is the lack of any suitable future space instrumentation for tropospheric research (air quality and climate forcing/carbon cycle) as well as UTLS problems (climate/chemistry interaction, stratosphere/troposphere exchange).


atmospheric composition space instrumentation 


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