Review of: Riccardo Mario Cucciolla (ed.): Dimensions and challenges of Russian liberalism. Historical drama and new prospects

Cham CH: Springer, 2019. Hardcover: ISBN 978-3-030-05665-0, € 93,99; eBook: ISBN 978-3-030-05784-8, $107
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In an already famous interview with the Financial Times on June 27, 2018, Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has declared the liberal idea dead, thus riding the same wave as Hungary’s Viktor Orbán and other leaders. This position has obviously been criticized by Western pundits and politicians, but it also fits into ongoing discussions in Russia, where the economic shock therapy of the 1990s has turned the words ‘democrat’ and ‘liberal’ into words of abuse among large parts of the population. In a recent column in Literaturnaya gazeta, Yuri Boldyrev [identified in the book under review as a ‘center-left liberal’ (p. xxxi)] takes issue with the president’s claim: ‘Has the liberal idea really outlived itself, as Russia’s president declared in an interview in the Financial Times? Maybe it has indeed, someplace, outlived itself, but clearly not in Russia, where under the accompaniment of that kind of declaration the most vulgar “reforms” continue to be introduced—exactly under the dictate...

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