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Ion Charge States in a Time-Dependent Wave-Turbulence-Driven Model of the Solar Wind

  • Roberto LionelloEmail author
  • Cooper Downs
  • Jon A. Linker
  • Zoran Mikić
  • John Raymond
  • Chengcai Shen
  • Marco Velli
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  1. Solar Wind at the Dawn of the Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter Era


Ion fractional charge states, measured in situ in the heliosphere, depend on the properties of the plasma in the inner corona. As the ions travel outward in the solar wind and the electron density drops, the charge states remain essentially unaltered or “frozen in”. Thus they can provide a powerful constraint on heating models of the corona and acceleration of the solar wind. We have implemented non-equilibrium ionization calculations into a 1D wave-turbulence-driven (WTD) hydrodynamic solar wind model and compared modeled charge states with the Ulysses 1994 – 1995 in situ measurements. We have found that modeled charge-state ratios of \(\mbox{C}^{6+}/\mbox{C}^{5+}\) and \(\mbox{O}^{7+}/\mbox{O}^{6+}\), among others, were too low compared with Ulysses measurements. However, a heuristic reduction of the plasma flow speed has been able to bring the modeled results in line with observations, though other ideas have been proposed to address this discrepancy. We discuss implications of our results and the prospect of including ion charge-state calculations into our 3D MHD model of the inner heliosphere.


Solar wind Fractional charge states 



R. Lionello is grateful to Drs. Susanna Parenti and Alessandro Bemporad for providing helpful advice. We also thank the referee for constructive criticism. R. Lionello was funded through NASA Grant NNH14CK98C.

Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest

The authors declare that they have no conflicts of interest.


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  1. 1.Predictive Science Inc.San DiegoUSA
  2. 2.Harvard-Smithsonian Center for AstrophysicsCambridgeUSA
  3. 3.Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences, UCLALos AngelesUSA

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