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Particle Acceleration in Collapsing Magnetic Traps with a Braking Plasma Jet

  • Alexei Borissov
  • Thomas Neukirch
  • James Threlfall


Collapsing magnetic traps (CMTs) are one proposed mechanism for generating non-thermal particle populations in solar flares. CMTs occur if an initially stretched magnetic field structure relaxes rapidly into a lower-energy configuration, which is believed to happen as a by-product of magnetic reconnection. A similar mechanism for energising particles has also been found to operate in the Earth’s magnetotail. One particular feature proposed to be of importance for particle acceleration in the magnetotail is that of a braking plasma jet, i.e. a localised region of strong flow encountering stronger magnetic field which causes the jet to slow down and stop. Such a feature has not been included in previously proposed analytical models of CMTs for solar flares. In this work we incorporate a braking plasma jet into a well studied CMT model for the first time. We present results of test particle calculations in this new CMT model. We observe and characterise new types of particle behaviour caused by the magnetic structure of the jet braking region, which allows electrons to be trapped both in the braking jet region and the loop legs. We compare and contrast the behaviour of particle orbits for various parameter regimes of the underlying trap by examining particle trajectories, energy gains and the frequency with which different types of particle orbit are found for each parameter regime.


Flares, energetic particles Energetic particles, electrons Magnetic reconnection, models 



AB would like to thank the University of St Andrews for financial support from the 7th Century Scholarship and the Scottish Government for support from the Saltire Scholarship. TN and JT gratefully acknowledge the support of the UK Science and Technology Funding Council (Consolidated Grant ST/K000950/1).


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  • Alexei Borissov
    • 1
  • Thomas Neukirch
    • 1
  • James Threlfall
    • 1
  1. 1.School of Mathematics and StatisticsUniversity of St AndrewsSt AndrewsUK

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