Solar Physics

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Generation of Weak Double Layers and Low-Frequency Electrostatic Waves in the Solar Wind

  • G. S. Lakhina
  • S. V. Singh


We propose that the mechanism for the generation of weak double layers (WDLs) and low-frequency coherent electrostatic waves, observed by Wind in the solar wind at 1 AU, might be slow and fast ion-acoustic solitons and double layers. The solar wind plasma is modelled as a fluid of hot protons and hot \(\alpha\) particles streaming with respect to protons, and suprathermal electrons having a \(\kappa\)-distribution. The fast ion-acoustic mode is similar to the ion-acoustic mode of a proton–electron plasma and can support only positive-potential solitons. The slow ion-acoustic mode is a new mode that occurs due to the presence of \(\alpha\) particles. This mode can support both positive and negative solitons and double layers. The slow ion-acoustic mode can exist even when the relative streaming, \(U_{0}\), between \(\alpha\) particles and protons is zero, provided that the \(\alpha\) temperature, \(T_{i}\), is not exactly equal to four times the proton temperature, \(T_{p}\). An increase of the \(\kappa\)-index leads to an increase in the critical Mach number, maximum Mach number, and the maximum amplitude of both slow and fast ion-acoustic solitons. The slow ion-acoustic double layer can explain the amplitudes and widths, but not the shapes, of the observed WDLs in the solar wind at 1 AU by Wind spacecraft. The Fourier transform of the slow ion-acoustic solitons/double layers would produce broadband low-frequency electrostatic waves having main peaks between 0.35 kHz to 1.6 kHz, with an electric field in the range of \(E = (0.01\,\mbox{--}\,0.7)~\mbox{mV}\,\mbox{m}^{-1}\), in excellent agreement with the observed low-frequency electrostatic wave activity in the solar wind at 1 AU.


Solar wind, shock waves Waves, plasma Plasma physics 



GSL thanks the National Academy of Sciences, India for the support under the NASI-Senior Scientist Platinum Jubilee Fellowship Scheme.


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