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The Effect of the CCD Gate Structure in the Determination of the Undersampled Point Spread Function

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Using numerical simulations, we evaluated the gate structure effect of the front-illuminated (FI) charge-coupled device (CCD) on determining the point spread function (PSF) from the analysis of undersampled experimental data. The PSF of the Soft X-ray Telescope onboard Yohkoh was studied as a model case. Its full-width at half-maximum is about one pixel size, and the FI CCD was equipped in the telescope as a detector. Of the three emission lines used during the pre-launch experiment, the data from the lowest-energy line (carbon K-line, 0.28 keV) were significantly influenced by the gate structure. The results from previous studies regarding the analysis of pre-launch data were examined and compared with the results from our simulation, and the expected error ranges of the gate structure effect are discussed. We found that the error caused by the effect of the gate structure is significant; at an energy of 0.28 keV, the error may lead to a too sharp PSF by about a few tens of percent.

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This work has been supported by the BK21 plus program through the National Research Foundation (NRF) funded by the Ministry of Education of Korea.

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Correspondence to J. Shin.

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  • CCD gate structure
  • Undersampled PSF
  • Yohkoh SXT