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Critical Analysis of a Hypothesis of the Planetary Tidal Influence on Solar Activity

  • S. PoluianovEmail author
  • I. Usoskin


The present work is a critical revision of the hypothesis of the planetary tidal influence on solar activity published by Abreu et al. (Astron. Astrophys. 548, A88, 2012; called A12 here). A12 describes the hypothesis that planets can have an impact on the solar tachocline and therefore on solar activity. We checked the procedure and results of A12, namely the algorithm of planetary tidal torque calculation and the wavelet coherence between torque and heliospheric modulation potential. We found that the claimed peaks in long-period range of the torque spectrum are artefacts caused by the calculation algorithm (viz. aliasing effect). Also the statistical significance of the results of the wavelet coherence is found to be overestimated by an incorrect choice of the background assumption of red noise. Using a more conservative non-parametric random-phase method, we found that the long-period coherence between planetary torque and heliospheric modulation potential becomes insignificant. Thus we conclude that the considered hypothesis of planetary tidal influence on solar activity is not based on a solid ground.


Planetary influence Solar activity Tidal forces 



The authors acknowledge Jose Abreu and Jürg Beer for providing the original data, details of the algorithm of planetary torque computation and for the stimulating discussion.


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