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The SUMER Data in the SOHO Archive


We have released an archive of all observational data of the VUV spectrometer Solar Ultraviolet Measurements of Emitted Radiation (SUMER) on SOHO that have been acquired until now. The operational phase started with ‘first light’ observations on 27 January 1996 and will end in 2014. Future data will be added to the archive when they become available. The archive consists of a set of raw data (Level 0) and a set of data that are processed and calibrated to the best knowledge we have today (Level 1). This communication describes step by step the data acquisition and processing that has been applied in an automated manner to build the archive. It summarizes the expertise and insights into the scientific use of SUMER spectra that has accumulated over the years. It also indicates possibilities for further enhancement of the data quality. With this article we intend to convey our own understanding of the instrument performance to the scientific community and to introduce the new, standard FITS-format database.

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The SUMER project is financially supported by DLR, CNES, NASA, and the ESA PRODEX Programme (Swiss contribution). SUMER is part of SOHO of ESA and NASA. The instrument was jointly operated by teams from IAS and MPS. We especially thank Gilles Poulleau for servicing the ground equipment for so many years. Numerous scientists of the community helped to coordinate the science operations.

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