Solar Physics

, Volume 287, Issue 1–2, pp 315–322 | Cite as

Infrared Observations from the New Solar Telescope at Big Bear

  • Philip R. Goode
  • Wenda Cao
Solar Dynamics and Magnetism


The 1.6 m clear aperture solar telescope in Big Bear is operational and with its adaptive optics (AO) system it provides diffraction limited solar imaging and polarimetry in the near-infrared (NIR). While the AO system is being upgraded to provide diffraction limited imaging at bluer wavelengths, the instrumentation and observations are concentrated in the NIR. The New Solar Telescope (NST) operates in campaigns, making it the ideal ground-based telescope to provide complementary/supplementary data to SDO and Hinode. The NST makes photometric observations in Hα (656.3 nm) and TiO (705.6 nm) among other lines. As well, the NST collects vector magnetograms in the 1565 nm lines and is beginning such observations in 1083.0 nm. Here we discuss the relevant NST instruments, including AO, and present some results that are germane to NASA solar missions.


Observational near infrared astronomy 



We thank BBSO observing staff and instrument team for their support. W. Cao and P.R. Goode acknowledge the support of the US NSF (AGS-0847126 and AGS-0745744), NASA (NNX08BA22G), and AFOSR (FA2386-12-1-3018 and FA9550-09-1-0655).


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  1. 1.Big Bear Solar ObservatoryNew Jersey Institute of TechnologyBig Bear CityUSA

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