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Did the Sun Change Its Behaviour During the Decline of Cycle 23 and Into Cycle 24?

  • K. F. TappingEmail author
  • J. J. Valdés


The activity minimum between the end of cycle 23 and the beginning of cycle 24 was the longest and deepest since at least the beginning of the 20th century. This has led to speculation that the Sun is changing its behaviour. The sunspot number and 10.7-cm solar radio flux indices have traditionally been highly correlated, so a change in the relationship between them might flag at such a change. An examination of this relationship suggests a significant change in the relationship between activity in the photosphere and in the chromosphere/corona happened soon after the maximum of cycle 23 and has continued into cycle 24. However, there are indications of change as early as 1980.


10.7-cm solar radio flux Sunspot number Activity indices 


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  2. 2.Institute for Information TechnologyNational Research CouncilOttawaCanada

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