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Failed Eruption of a Filament as a Driver for Vertical Oscillations of Coronal Loops

  • T. MrozekEmail author
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We present observations of a failed eruption of a magnetic flux rope recorded during the M6.2 flare of 14 July 2004. The observations were mainly made with TRACE 171 Å and 1600 Å filters. The flare was accompanied by a destabilization of a magnetic structure observed as a filament eruption. After an initial acceleration, the eruption slowed down and finally was stopped by the overlying coronal loops. The observations suggest that the whole event is well described by the quadrupole model of a solar flare. The failed eruption stretched the overlying loops, and they were then observed to be oscillating. We were able to observe clear vertical polarization of the oscillatory motion in the TRACE images. The derived parameters of the oscillatory motion are an initial amplitude of 9520 km, a period of 377 s, and an exponential damping time of 500 s. Differences between the existing models and the observations have been found. The analyzed event is the second sample for global vertical kink waves found besides the first by Wang and Solanki (Astrophys. J. Lett. 421, 33, 2004).


Helioseismology, observations Oscillations, solar Waves, acoustic 

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